A wise person once told me that if you can’t explain something in one sentence, you don’t understand it. It’s counter-intuitive, but real genius is the ability to make complicated things seem simple. Anyone who has taken advanced math courses know that beyond a certain level of complexity, you’re asked not to solve, but to simplify. As a self-proclaimed genius, I’d like to try my hand.

I like boats. I like music. I like my friends. I like friendly strangers. I like drinks. I like dancing. I like combining things that I like. I like drinking and dancing with friends and friendly strangers to good music on a boat.

Boom. One sentence! Now that we all agree that I’m a genius and you should listen to me, come listen to me play music in Detroit on Sunday, May 29th at noon; with my friends, Dabura, Chris Robert, 530 and Oliver Caine.

I'm on a Boat [OTB's Detroit Boat Party] -- Only The Beat

The last time Dabura and I were on the same lineup it was on a boat in Austin for a Halloween party, deboarding in an aftermath of tired legs and worn out dancing shoes. This boat is even bigger and louder. Be sure to have proper ear protection, because we’re bringing over 12,000 watts of sound and two stages aboard the Diamond Belle.

We’re departing from Rivard Plaza at 12:00PM, walking distance from all the craziness of the Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival. Don’t worry, we plan to be back by 3:00 PM so nobody misses out on the festival itself. The cruise will take place rain or shine. Capacity on the boat is limited due to safety regulations. The first release of tickets sold out in the first hour, so hurry up and grab yours while they last.

RSVP here.

Board 11:30 AM | Depart 12:00 PM | Dock 3:00 PM

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