Gear up for ’s Awake, a compilation tracks with heartfelt lyrics and realistic circumstances.

The first track f the Denver native’s album, “Needed You,” is a cadence-infused lyrical melody with an energetic buildup. Listeners will be lost in a sense adventure, freedom, and fearlessness. Some songs incorporate funk and EDM, with a chopped-and-screwed bass drop similar to the latest releases Daft Punk and Calvin Harris. These laid-back, groovy tunes bring relaxation and uplifting energy to the album. Others are reminiscent alt-rock music paired with electronic elements. In replacement guitars and drum sets are legendary synthesizers and integrated piano. Introducing a similar nostalgic pace, this album shares the same heart and emotion as st acoustic tracks.

On “No Time Like Now,” the beat matches a snowy night, and a dark sky filled with stars. Romance in the bitter cold conjures a chill song that sounds like continuous rolling waves. With a captivation for the present moment, each track on “Awake” tells another chapter an unfolding love story. It defines the difficulty in communication, and the drops are symbolic a battle or reunion between two people. In the affirming track, “Let You Go” with Ember Island, a concrete, throbbing bass runs deep like footprints into a muddy ground, as if 100 soldiers in love marched to war.

Under the watchful supervision Illenium’s eye, Awake is an EDM masterpiece with a wide variety rare influences. Check out the album on Spotify .

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