This summer Berlin-based party crew and label Killekill launched a series of supportive workshops for artists with disabilities looking to find their way into the electronic music industry.

Titled Ick mach Welle, through the weekly workshops the Berlin team accompany project participants, “on their way to the stage” according to the project mission statement.

With the project notes adding, “Ick mach Welle is a music project, in which persons with physical or intellectual disabilities learn how to produce music with music software, synthesizers and various machines. The workshop is managed by professional musicians and teachers. The aim is to bring some of the participants on stage. We want inclusion - also in the club!”

With a series of fundraising goals to acheive, the next goal for Ick mach Welle is to raise sufficient funds in order to provide an extensive selection of electronic music technlogy, instruments and equipment for participants to use in the studio sessions.

To find out more about Ich mach Welle and how you can get involved head over to the project website.

Killekill will also be making an apperance in London this month for their 10th anniversary party at North London venue The Cause on September 8. Grab a ticket and check out the event here.

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter