For as long as I can remember, clubbing has always been about the party. Even though pre-drinks took some the shine, it really couldn’t hold a flame to catching your favourite DJ, cutting a few shapes on the dance floor and possibly even a little bit romance here and there but that’s all changed.

What is a kick-on?

Very little has changed about the fundamentals the kick-on since it’s inception with a few core elements certifying it as such;

  • Happens after the event is done and dusted and you’re looking for another spot to kick it
  • Usually at someone else’s place within proximity the event, walking distance is preferable
  • Runs from 2-3am until the sun rises
  • Severely unpowered sound-system
  • Good mix the real party animals and chillers, usually split between indoors and outdoors

Hint: try to avoid kick-on’s at your own place, it’s a hellish recovery and clean-up.

With some certainty we’d say kick-on’s have now become the main event a night where you can soak up a bit banter while gacked out your mind, drinks at your own pace (if you thought ahead) and total control the music curation.

There’s probably a couple reasons why everyone’s already planned the post before the prior even kicks f and for good measure.


Without a doubt nights out have gotten more expensive, what you would usually spend 2-5 years ago would mean some change to spare once you’ve settled home has now become a mere pittance to get the night rolling.

The allure the kick-on is like being out at a club, but in someone else’s house and if you planned carefully enough you’ve got all your supplies and more to make it a pretty special solstice.


You can’t really control who you’ll be bumping and sweating alongside at a club, and there is some fun to that but also a bit uncertainty as to their nature and ~ positive vibes ~ when the beat drops.

The flip to this is settling down with some real heads, carefully selected and filtered for maximum returns at the kick-ons and a bit more responsibility as to their actions. Break a couple bottles? Sorry champ, but you’re out.


Sure the DJ is spinning some absolute legit fire and you aren’t sure what’s coming up next but with only an hour set to make the most it, sometimes you’re feeling a little bit underwhelmed.

The solution is the kick-on music curation which means a deliciously slick mix from any your favourite DJs and ten, for longer sets meaning more the good stuff.

There is NO replacement a good night out catching any the locals or international DJS in town but with restrictive measures by local councils and state governments the glow the kick-on keeps on growing.

So you tell us; has the kick-on become the actual party?