Pioneering artist and timeless producer , friends know him as Denis Jašarevic, began his music career with hip-hop roots. Now, the Slovenian musician is in the spotlight due to his EP release,Re: Coil Part I”Science and technology are the main themes this EP. Denis came out his hiatus proving he is here to stay. We’re not complaining.

Gramatik’s EP “Re: Coil EP Part I” proves he is here to stay.

This 6-track jewel highlights various collaborators. Gramatik teamed up with Branx, Anomalie, Balkan Bump, Talib Kweli, Galacitc Marvl and Eric Krasno.

The EP begins with “Future Crypto”.

This was a joint effort with his old companion from his Brooklyn days, Branx. This beautiful creation embodies frequent guitar chords, immaculate drums, and a colossal bass-line. The track was developed flawlessly and sets the tone for the EP perfectly.

The second track “Goldilocks Enigma” brings out the chiller side Gramatik. 

Elements prior masterpieces shine through. He includes a significant amount Lowtemp’s keyboard maestro, Anomalie.  

The next three tracks were previously released singles.

Rapper Talib Kweli, who has worked with names as big as  is featured in the third track,”Aymo”. The next track,  keeps the energy flowing. This collaboration was co-produced with . Lastly, “Recovery” comes forward with Eric Krasno who isn’t a stranger working with Gramatik.

The EP ends with his exceptional track “Halcyon”.

This track is where Gramatik unmistakably plays with his beat-production past. Yet, at the same time figures out how to build something sounding totally new and energizing.

Listen to “Re: Coil EP Part I” below:

Gramatik started a 26-date tour around Europe.

He will finish up another astronomical year with a New Year’s show at Terminal 5 in NY City.  Then, he will be joined by Cobrayama, Ramzoid, and Big Wild making this a stellar event!

Gramatik will be soon launching his own cryptocurrency token titled GRMTK.

Cryptocurrency allows him to have control over music distribution. The focus is on any kind media released to his fanbase. Singular DTV, a decentralized entertainment channel, is how the cryptocurrency can be reached. Proprietors the token will possess a portion his protected innovation. Token holders accept a segment his rights and royalties. Watch Gramatik end up being the main craftsman to be ‘tokenized’.

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