Let's be honest. Cocaine use being rife in the restaurant industry isn't exactly a well-kept secret, is it?

That's why it's no surprise high-prile British chef Gordon Ramsay has a few stories to tell, one being that he was once asked by diners and a charity event to use the class A drug as a condiment.

Speaking to Radio Times ahead his about the production the drug, Ramsay said: "When dessert arrived the couple came to me and said, ‘Look, everyone on the table is happy you’re here, but can you make a soufflé like never before and combine icing sugar with coke and dust it?’

“I laughed it f but there was no way I was going to go anywhere near that. I dusted the sugar on top the soufflé and caramelised it purposely so they had no idea whether it was on or f. I set the soufflé down. Didn’t even say goodbye. I just left out the back door.”

His documentary, Gordon On Cocaine, will air on ITV and will see him visiting Central and South America to meet those part the drug trade. He says he was inspired to find out more about it after one his chefs died from a cocaine overdose.

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