Giuseppe Ottani is hands down one the most talented producers in any Electronic Genre, but specifically the trance spectrum. Ottani is back with an absolutely INSANE tune, “Legacy”, out on John O' Callaghan's Subculture Recordings.

Subculture is capping f its anthem-packed 2017 run by welcoming Mr. Ottani back to its ranks. As with his ‘Crossing Lights’ production for the label back in 2015, the Italian’s gone way, way f his traditional reservation.

If you like your trance with a simply seasoned dusting techno, you have found the right place. “Legacy” is no simple studio gesture or symbolic production, it’s a headfirst, cliff-edge plunge into black-hearted, European-paced techno.

The track’s deeply ominous hi-hat hiss, the murky subspace its FX and equally heavy reverb conjure it an almost gothic feel. Alternating between three slight, but deviously effective sub-riffs, it’s metronomic percussion and hypnotically Pavlon bass notes march you down some very shadowy corridors indeed.

Check out the track below and get ready to enter a dark trance!