Gammer & Re-Con Know What You Want -- Only The Beat

Are you ready for some new music? Are you ready for something almost as crazy as a cat floating on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in SPACE?! Are you ready for some face-melting 170 BPM UK Hardcore? Of course you are! Well, lucky for you, ¬†Gammer and Re-Con have finally released their largely anticipated collaboration called “I Know You (Drop This),” and it drops¬†hard. Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to hear Gammer play this track live here in Seattle, and the crowd went nuts (stay tuned for an event review coming soon!). Much like the lyrics suggest, many of you are always waiting for the “drop.” Well, Gammer and Re-Con don’t waste any time in getting to it for you. So, what are you waiting for? Press that play button to see what I mean, and make sure you have ample dancing room, trust me, you will need it. “I Know You (Drop This)” is out now on Beatport, and will be available everywhere else on April 28th. Also, keep a look out on Gammer, Re-Con, and Futureworld Records‘ Facebook pages because there is new hardstyle and UK Hardcore released every week! Enjoy!

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