Music is a journey. Each of us travel different paths, and once in a while there is a track that brings us together in a feeling much bigger than ourselves. Friction’s “Freak” (feat. Josh Barry) is just such a track. “Freak” is a beautiful track that is unapologetic in it’s delivery. Progressive drum and uplifting synth work combine with Josh Barry’s absolutely powerful vocal delivery to create an intense and emotional listening experience. Since Friction began playing it at festivals this summer, the resulting fervor surrounding the track is clearly well-deserved.

The music video is simple, yet perfectly encapsulates the soul of the song. Viewers watch as a wealth of characters express a range of emotions in front of a black backdrop. As they transform their faces into unique expressions of love, happiness, anger, doubt, one can’t help but go through their own trans-formative state. The empathetic nature of humans, and in turn the feelings we all seek out when we go to an event, are all on display without the flashing lights, the euphoric close ups, the gimmicks of other videos. At the end of the video you can not help but see yourself reflected in the faces on the screen. Engaging and enlightening, this is one video you’ll want to watch.

Friction – Freak (ft. Josh Barry) (Official Video)

The video is a reminder that at some points in our lives we are all free to express ourselves in an emotive collective that goes beyond the societal barriers humans have created. It a connection that runs deep in us all, and through different means, we cross paths and coalesce into one greater understanding of human nature.

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