Freaknight Artist Spotlight: Headhunterz -- Only The Beat

One of the largest names in hardstyle is set to grace Seattle this fall at USC Events’ Halloween festival, Freaknight. Headhunterz is going to bring some Hard with Style, so get those feet ready for some major shuffling action.

The amount of energy Headhunterz is going to bring to Freaknight will be massive. Headhunterz has been to almost ever major hardstyle event across the world with appearances at Defcon. 1, Decibel, and Q-bass.  The power of this hardstyle master is going unmatched so far with the phase one lineup. And for those that care, he was the first hardstyle artist featured the DJ Mag Top 100 in 2010, and has been there ever since.

Back in 2011, Headhunterz started his own monthly podcast titled Hard with Style. This mix featured what Headhunterz saw as up and coming talented hardstyle artists his fans should be on the look out for. In a lot of ways Headhunterz was a forefather for what hardstyle has evolved into now. Now there are so many people who are hardcore hardstyle fans that many festivals have specific stages just for this genre.

Freaknight Artist Spotlight: Headhunterz -- Only The Beat

Here is to hoping that there are more hardstyle artists released for Freaknight, but make sure to see Headhunterz because you never know when he will be back.

Ill leave you with a great quote from the Hard With Style master himself:

“…The seed of HARD WITH STYLE has grown out in ways I could never have imagined. I’ve been blessed to see parts of the world I never thought I would see. I’ve celebrated music that comes from within with thousands and thousands of people. I’ve recognized music as the force that has the power to unite whichever race, whichever language, whichever age…”

Headhunterz, Seattle is ready for you once again! For more information on Headhunterz or this year’s Freaknight Festival, check out the links below.




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