The legendary New York producer and DJ, Frankie Bones, recently performed a rare Drum + Bass set for Bass Movement: Rise. This was hosted by Arietta and Junglist Radio. This radio show seeks to showcase major change-makers in the EDM scene. Before Frankie went behind the boards, journalist Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen sat down with the myth a man who coined the words “rave” and “PLUR” and the underground scene as we know it.
Frankie Bones Talks Breakfast, DnB, and The Electronic Status Quo

Check out the interview below to catch up with the Father Rave himself, Frankie Bones.

On terms your work with , how does it feel to be doing a Drum + Bass set opposed to your Breakbeat background?

Watch Frankie’s full set with Bass Movement: Rise with below: 

Are there any D+B artists you’re deriving inspiration from in this upcoming set?

Are there any genres you haven’t dabbled in yet but can see yourself playing in the future?

What normally is the reaction your longtime fans when they see you playing a genre you’re normally not associated with?

What sort changes or improvisations do you make in a live setting opposed to being in the studio?

From being an industry veteran, what key changes have you seen under the umbrella electronic world as a whole? How do you feel about these changes?

Out your entire catalog, which E.P./LP/Single/etc do you feel influenced the Frankie Bones we know and love today?

If you could go back to the time when you were creating, would you change anything about the track “Just As Long As I Got You” with Lenny Dee?

“Just As Long As I Got You” – Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee:

Fun question – It’s 3 AM, you just finished a track, and you’re starving. What’s your favorite late night munchies/party food to pig out on?

Frankie Bones’s new E.P., , will be released on November 10, 2017 on Beatport.

Follow Frankie Bones through the links below. Also catch his upcoming techno set on ‘s through on November 15th, 11 am to 12 pm PST.

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