During the first weekend Coachella a man named Reinaldo De Jesus Henao was arrested after he was caught by the police with over 100 phones in his backpack. Fortunately those that had their phones stolen used the “Find My iPhone” app and tracked down their cellphones. Some the cells were returned to their owners, while the rest were handed over to the festival’s lost and found area.

Well on the second weekend Coachella, on Saturday, April 22nd five people were caught stealing over 40 phones in addition to cash and credit cards. According to the Desert Sun, after reports missing phones on Friday, the police identified two separate groups thieves. Apparently, the first group was formed from 35-year-old Angela Trivino New York City and 38-year-old Vina Hernandez Los Angeles and the second one included 29-year-old Brenda Cansino Miami, 27-year-old Marco Leon Los Angeles and 25-year-old Sharon Ruiz Van Nuys.

If you lost something at Coachella 2017, the recovered items will be held in the festival’s lost and found area. Coachella also has an agenda items that have yet to be claimed, so go .

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