Brooklyn’s Fabolous is a self-admitted sneakerhead. Footwear News published a cover story where the Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up mixtape creator  shared his thoughts on sneaker culture.

When asked what bothered him most about the world sneakerheads today, Fab focused on the high markup involved with re-selling popular brands. He said:

The re-popping, it’s out control. It changes the experience for the regular consumer. It used to be track down the shoe, purchase it at box price and put it on. Kids are now working three weeks to a month to get a shoe that shouldn’t be that [elevated] in cost. It’s Jordans, Yeezys — anything that’s popular. Even Adidas Originals NMDs are starting to get that chase. I don’t know the solution; just give kids the chance to buy the shoes. When Kanye West first put his shoes out, he said he [wanted] everybody to have a chance to have quality. But when they came, it was the same re-pops, same markups, and Adidas didn’t do anything about it. It’s fun for the hype when you’ve got to pay $2,000 for a $200 sneaker, but [it’s hurting] the average consumer.

Fabolous Criticizes The Re-Popping Of Jordans, Adidas NMDs & Kanye West’s Yeezys

Read Fabolous’ full interview here.