At the end October 2017, Vancouver-based producer , known by friends as Nathan Shaw, spun a mesmerizing mix “Triple J Mixup 2.0”. Two weeks later, he released “Past Life” featuring indie duo . Ekali, known for his remix Snakehips  and massive release “Babylon”, is on his way to the top the charts.

Ekali Spins "Triple J Mixup 2.0" And Releases "Past Life"

Ekali released a mesmerizing mix “Triple J Mixup 2.0” and a melodic track “Past Life”.

Ekali’s Triple J Mixup 2.0″ is 58 minutes flawless mixing and back-to-back bangers. The artist starts with Slumberjack’s . He features tracks by artists such as , , REZZ, , Nero, and Daft Punk. The full track list can be located on his Twitter page.

Listen to Ekali’s “Triple J Mixup 2.0”:

“Past Life” featuring Opia is truly beautiful.

This new release provides a ster, more serene atmosphere compared to what Ekali typically releases. This provides a melodic vibe that all will find captivating. Indie duo Opia’s draw you in.

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Ekali Spins "Triple J Mixup 2.0" And Releases "Past Life"

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