As an EDM-driven blog, it is our God given duty to report on anything and everything that electronic overlord deadmau5 does. With that being said, we're here to bring you the news of deadmau5's newest family member: Copycat.

Joining his two already famous little critters Meowingtons and “The Other Cat,” Copycat seems aptly named. The little Bengal cat is a stunning silver color with black markings and deep, dark eyes.

deadmau5 writes, “aaaaaaand we have a new addition to the damn family… say hi to Copycat.”

deadmau5 and wife Kelly, aka “Grill,” brought in the newest kitten addition after the passing of their kitten, Noob. The little baby passed away all too soon after battling intense medical issues.

All of us at EDM Sauce wish deadmau5, Grill, Copycat, Meowingtons and The Other Cat the best in their family endeavors. We will be watching idly as Copycat grows up.