We couldn’t help but ask ourselves where this experiment in combining “organic” and “electronic” could take us after experiencing the , and sometimes folk vibes, Adrian Galvin. This producer is A.K.A. Yoke Lore. However, the master the ambient, organic stylings, Chad Valley, was just around the corner. His newly released remix “Only You” packs just enough production-laced punch to size up the original.

Chad Valley Produces Ambient Electro-Pop Remix Yoke Lore’s “Only You”

Chad Valley Produces Ambient Electro-Pop Remix  Yoke Lore's "Only You"

Chad invites more instrumental layering surrounding the vocal line to round out the emotional presence. The vocals retain their original layering.

He gives the track an occasion 8-bit spin which harks back to early Dido albums. The calm, collected vocals match Chad Valley’s direct, st approach. The track is allowed to flourish under ambient trance-like definitions while still containing pop sensibilities.

What makes this remix unique is the attention the producer took in making it palpable for fans both electronic music and Yoke Lore.

Yoke Lore is an experiment in combining indie-electric sensibilities. This remix “Only You” captures the catchy, Tom-Tom Club-like vibrations the track emits. Many automatically associate dance music with electronic sensibilities, but Yoke Lore and Chad Valley prove you can dance without the bells and whistles. Within simplicity, “Only You” has morphed into a calming club track that enjoys its brunch just as much as its liquor.

Press play and enjoy “Only You”:

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