When I was approached to share this new full length project on Only The Beat I was told it would be something “new”…Something “different”…But I hear that everyday. So of course I was skeptical…

Then I saw the artwork.

Camp Wild delivers Wide Skies and Wide Eyes -- Only The Beat

I try not to judge a book by it’s cover, or a song by it’s artwork. But there seems to be a pretty strong correlation between the execution of the artwork and the amount of time and effort that went into completing a project.

How can I expect a song to be good, when I’m selecting them at face value from an inbox filled with other tunes, if someone doesn’t care enough about the final project to spend $5 on fiverr having a designer crank out some album artwork for them?

You had the time to produce a new track but you didn’t have the time (or balls) to ask a friend to design some dope artwork for you?

Well, that is exactly why you aren’t going to make it.

Although it might be unfair as Camp Wild is actually a label, so they have some experience on you, use this opportunity to learn from someone who clearly has some knowledge in the area.

Beyond the funky artwork (because I did press play), this 7 track compilation of Camp Wild Artists in a glimpse into the future of Coachella and other blended/EDM-infused Indie Dance events that I believe will be exactly where Generation Z (kids born after 1995) will find themselves after there personal awakening that shakes them to the core and delivers them from the phoniness of pop music.

A blend of melodic beats infused with the beauty of the ideologies from early hip-hop, Camp Wild’s Wide Skies actually IS something new, refreshing and different that I’m looking forward to listening to over and over again.

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Camp Wild – Wide Skies

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