Boiler Room and Google Team Up to Create a VR Nightclub in Berlin

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Boiler Room has taken the "home clubbing" experience to the next level..

Boiler Room and Google have announced VR dancefloors: Techno in Berlin, a new live-action, 360 "immersive music Virtual Reality experiment." The new 15-minute VR experience has been designed for Pixel, Google's first phone.

VR dancefloors will reportedly include interactive elements installation art, music TV broadcast, computer game narratives and immersive theatre. Viewers can create a "choose your own adventure" experience and interact with different areas the VR experience, including a dance floor and 150 "Berlin's most dedicated ravers.".

"Boiler Room's MO has always centered around using the latest accessible technology to unite online audiences around real-life music moments. This is why VR excites us: it represents the next stage immersive, interactive, online music experience," said Stephen Appleyard, the Chief Business Development Officer Boiler Room in a statement.

The experience was filmed in an industrial area Berlin and includes live music by Berlin musicians FJAAK.

VR dancefloor is free for download on the Google Daydream VR platform on the . Watch a preview the VR experience below.