has announced ‘Tribal Rites’, a three-part musical autobiography tracing his 36-year-old involvement in the music industry. Out on Belgian label Eskimo Records, the album features 41 tracks selected by the DJ and dance music historian.

Split into three sections, the compilation begins in the post-punk period with bands like Orang Utan, General Strike and The Raincoats. The second section takes listeners to the White Isle, exploring the balearic sound. The final section concentrates exclusively on house music encompassing tracks like Mother Tongue’s ‘Message Love’ and the precision tooled productions Basic Channel’s ‘Maurizio’.

Brewster was one fabric’s original residents, authored the seminal book ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ and runs the website. He has been at the forefront the scene for the past three decades.

“Everything I do now started with record collecting,” he said the album. “It’s the foundation my career; from writing about music, DJing in clubs, putting compilations together or spending many late-night hours, glass red wine in hand, bidding on stupid records on eBay.”

Bill Brewster’s ‘Tribal Rites’ is set for release on November 4.