It was December 2014 and I was at Kaskade Redux in NYC. I’ve got my dancing shoes on and all of the sudden Kaskade drops a track which I would later come to find out is titled ‘Got Me Thinkin‘. I of course had to wait to find out until Kaskade posted his epic 50+ tracklist from that night. Low and behold, I eventually found it on Soundcloud, it was Don Diablo and CID. Now, at the time I had no clue who CID was. What I did know was that CID was an artist I needed to keep an eye on(apparently Kaskade felt the same way) and follow. Here we are a year and half later and I got to chat with Carlos Cid about his biggest career milestones so far, touring, new music and more.

Only The Beat: Let’s start with Miami Music Week, I had the opportunity to see you play at the Cartel Party. Your set was awesome at Heart Nightclub. You had a pretty busy schedule in Miami. How was it?

CID: Oh, no way! Yeah, it was awesome. Being from the East Coast, I’ve gone down to Miami for about 5 or 6 years, first it was more as a fan, trying to go down and meet people, spread my music and just see. I guess three years ago I played one party, last year I played three parties and this year I played four different ones. So it’s amazing to see how things are building, seeing all these different DJs playing my music. Even this year, with ‘No’ coming out two months ago, seeing different people play it was really awesome.

OTB: Yeah, I heard it quite a few times over the course of six days down there. That’s awesome for you to be able to experience that. I know you played the Proximity party and a couple times with Galantis. Did you have a favorite event?

CID: Definitely the Proximity party, playing back to back with Kaskade was a highlight. You know he’s really supportive. We’ve played a couple of afterparties during his tour and we went back-to-back. So getting to do that again in Miami was really cool.

OTB: I may have been at the after party in New York. It was a lot of fun. So, speaking of tours you were out with Kaskade, you were just on tour with Galantis for their ‘Louder, Harder, Better’ Tour. They both have such crazy schedules. What is that like being on the road constantly, day in, day out?

CID: I mean it’s part of the deal. That’s what the ultimate goal is. You sit in the studio and make all this music and hope it connects with people. You hope you build a fan base and the way you build it is to go out and play as many shows as you can. The one thing I will say is the Galantis tour was a bus tour, so that was actually a lot better. You know you finish DJing, you get on the bus, go to sleep and you wake up in the next city. I love the traveling and getting to see new places. It was really, really awesome.

OTB: You have a pretty busy late Spring/early Summer coming up from the looks of it. I think I saw you are headed to Hong Kong and have a lot of festivals on your schedule. Is there something in particular you are looking forward to?

CID: I’m definitely looking forward to Asia. I’m actually playing a couple different shows out there. Not sure I can announce the dates yet. I’m really excited. I was in Asia once before and getting to go back to do my own shows is really awesome.

OTB: You had two music videos come out recently ‘Love is Blind’ which I absolutely love. And then you did the video for ‘Us’ with Kaskade. That video honestly brought a tear to my eye, the story is great. How did you guys come up with that idea? What’s the story behind it? It’s really touching.

CID: It came out amazing. To be honest with “Us” it was more Kaskade taking the reigns on it and he has a videographer that travels around with him and his family is actually from the Philippines. They were doing a bunch of shows out in Asia, I think the way it was is that he stayed out there an extra couple days and filmed it. It came out amazing, it’s really touching.

Kaskade & CID | Us | Official Music Video

OTB: Your first signed track came out when you were in college at Hofstra University on Armada. When did you know this was what you wanted to do? Was there a defining moment?

CID: Well, you know I was always DJing. My dad had a catering hall in New York, so since I was 8 or 9 years old I was always fascinated by the DJ who played all the parties, seeing the way he could get a crowd going. He kind of taught me really the basics of DJing and from there it just led to me starting to mess around with making my own music. I was in college when I started to get a little more serious about it.

That track on Armada, was actually the first song I ever finished. I was listening to Markus Schulz radio show, “Global DJ Broadcast” and I just said let me try and send this to this guy. So, I sent it and four weeks later I got an e-mail back from him saying he wanted to sign it. And that was definitely the moment where I was like this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I was already a junior in college at the time and I figured let me finish my degree and see where things take me from there. After I finished all my friends were like “Why aren’t you applying for jobs in accounting?” It was me saying “Uh, I kinda want to do music.” I definitely got lucky along the way, right after I graduated I was DJing in the city and I ran into this kid I went to high school with and his dad had a big recording studio out in Long Island. He said to come by the studio and get an internship, maybe it will lead to getting a job and sure enough I started as an intern there. I really learned a lot about the technical aspect of the way music sounds. One thing led to another and just meeting different people, it just kind built from there.

OTB: It’s great to hear you really learned the ropes. You kind of worked your way up the ladder in a way, paid your dues, you learned everything you could at the time. It sounds like you have an appreciation for being able to do that.

CID: Yeah, definitely.

OTB: You have worked with Don Diablo on quite a few tracks. He’s one of my favorites for sure. Do you have one track with him that you really love? I know what mine is.

CID: Yeah, me and Don, you know it’s so crazy we got connected, I guess it was maybe three years ago. And it was weird, I had never met him, we just started skyping and have these epic Skype calls just talking about life and music. It was just really natural working on music with him. He’d go ‘hey I got this break idea’ and I would go ‘wait, I have this drop idea’ and we’d finish these songs super fast and it’s always been fun. We’re talking about doing something else together but out of all the songs I would have to say my favorite with him is “Got Me Thinkin”.

OTB: And that’s my favorite.

CID: You know at the time that we did it, we were just messing around at my house. He came to New York and we were like let’s do something different and not do the typical stuff that everybody’s hearing. And that’s how that came about.

OTB: The first time I heard that was December 2014 when Kaskade played one of his Redux sets in New York. I immediately fell in love with that song.

CID: To be honest, the reason Kaskade started to keep an eye on me was that song. Probably, if it wasn’t for ‘Got Me Thinkin,’ who knows. We probably wouldn’t have ended up doing ‘Us’ together.

OTB: You have had a busy 2016 already, ‘No’ came out, ‘Like This’ on Arkade, the ‘Genghis Khan’ remix,  the Coldplay remix. I saw something on Twitter about another new track titled ‘Together’ which I of course tried to find but I couldn’t. Is there anything you can say about what’s coming next?

CID: Yeah, the next single is coming out on Big Beat on May 6th. Now that I am part of the Big Beat family I went back thru their old catalog and came across this old track by The Bucketheads called “Got Myself Together” and half way thru the song it goes into this piano and bass riff that really stuck out to me. So for me this song is really a throwback; 90’s, happy piano house. People don’t really recognize it as an old song and they still react to it. So far a lot of DJs have been supporting it, it’s definitely one I am really excited for.

CID “Like This”

OTB: Any chance you are working on an album done the road?

CID: As of right now, I’m focusing on singles. I want to keep releasing something new. An album is something I would like to do as a long-term career goal.

OTB: Milestone that you are really proud of so far?

CID: Definitely the Grammy. Getting that, the acknowledgment, being able to be part of something like The Grammys is incredible.

OTB: And lastly, an NYC-related questions since you are a native New Yorker. Favorite New York City restaurant? I know this can be a difficult one.

CID: That’s a tough one. I guess my favorite restaurant is my dad’s. My dad has a restaurant in Bayside in Queens. Spanish, paella, tapas. The name is Marbella Restaurant.

CID is one to keep your eye on in 2016. Expect big things from him in the coming months and make sure to catch him play if you have the opportunity. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this rising star!

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