Toronto-based are a musical project which consist Rainer Millar Blanchaer and Jeff Crake who love club music for those you who have not heard them. While they are known for their R+B tinged influences, their new release titled “Tempted” coos a vibe romance expressed in aural form.

Their new single “Tempted” carries the vibes a smooth tour through calming synths and a non-threatening slightly-tribal beat.

Be "Tempted" With Rainer + Grimm 's Latest Track
As confusing as that may sound, Rainer and Grimm bring their electronic sensibilities together to cement classic house elements with Indie-pop-style vocals. The result transforms the track into something “art noveau” while violating the normal rules dance music.

prep the track through an ambient journey torn between the past and present.

With a hybrid production styles, “Tempted” bears the honor being multi-faceted to a large group listeners. Those who like R+B stylings mixed with Indie and House sensibilities will definitely latch on to this track quick. Check out “Tempted” through this , and stay tuned for more from this dastardly musical-duo.

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Be "Tempted" With Rainer + Grimm 's Latest Track