All you want to make jokes about how crappy android emojis are. Well as a proud android user I can say at least I can use my phone for more than 2 hours at a time, I do not have a broken screen, and my company choice doesn’t blatantly rip f famous music videos. Yeah I am sure that last one you haven’t heard before. Well unfortunately it is true. Even (who is one half Duck Sauce, in case you were not aware) noticed.

Apple Copies It’s You Music Video

It seems a bit surprising that the company would do something so obvious, but the similarities are startling. While there is probably not enough here for Duck Sauce to file suit over, there is enough to definitely be pissed f about. We are sure some intern at apple thought this idea to be original after forgetting have watched the video a few years back. All we can say is that popping hair styles from different heads is not exactly a common advertising trend.

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