In an age rapid technological advancements, monetary forms exchange are one the most rapidly changing fronts. Unfortunately, for the large majority the world, these forms are virtually untapped — the knowledge barrier is difficult to overcome for the average consumer.

Digital currencies like cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, and coinbase are left to those who directly understand or are dealing with the fields trade. Presently, is working to remove this roadblock. He sees this knowledge gap as a potential educational opportunity and as such, the artist has published a beginners guide to crypto.

Focusing on the five common misconceptions surrounding the digital currencies, things like “Bitcoin is too expensive so I’ll buy something else,” or “Coinbase seems legit and easy. Time to download the app!,” 3LAU divulges his personal experiences and insight into the investment fronts. And while those who read the content should surely do some research their own to best understand the functionality and impact digital currencies, it seems like a sound place to begin.

Read 3LAU’s guide .

3LAU shares beginners guide to cryptocurrency