There's something about dark, stripped back spaces that attract you maybe that little bit more than your conventional nightclub or festival site.

Not to say that's not how we feel in more straightforward venues, but it's the industrial ones that really get your rave senses tingling. You know, the ones where you can lurk in the shadows, head-down, or spend the night venturing through the entire, cavernous space to find the perfect spot.

These industrial rave dens are all over the world, from London and Amsterdam to Tbilisi and Turin.

Some included are , , Belfast's and , the home Tresor in Berlin.

Check out the gallery above to see our favourite industrial spots.

There's a whole bunch other breathtaking sites to check out , too.

Gallery from left to right: Kraftwerk, Bassiani, Hope Works, Gashouder, Crane Hotel Faralda, The Telegraph Building, Elsewhere, Junction 2, Printworks, CRANE, MMA Munich, Warehouse Project, Berghain, Kappa Futur, Great Suffolk Street, Griessmühle]

Photo credits: Junction 2 - Shotaway]

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