Following reports a high number sexual assaults at the Swedish music festival Bråvalla, festival organizers have announced they are cancelling the 2018 edition.

According to police, 23 sexual assaults and 4 rapes took place during the four day festival that occurred from June 28 - July 1.

Speaking to , a spokesperson for the festival commented about why they were forced to cancel: “Certain men … apparently cannot behave. It’s a shame. We have therefore decided to cancel Bråvalla 2018”.

Folkert Koopmans, the chief executive FKP Scorpio, which owns Bråvalla festival, expressed how the festival lost its way: “It stopped being about music and became almost completely about crime and violence”.

On top the sexual assault issues, ticket sales to Bråvalla have been declining, with 45,000 tickets sold in 2017 compared to 52,000 in 2016.